Major Cloud Concerns – Do corporate agents, cyber hackers, and governments have access to my data if it is in the cloud?

This is one of the major cloud concerns for many companies, but it is irrational. Your IT team manages access, sets rights and restrictions, and provides smartphone access and options & your corporation remains the sole owner of the venture. You maintain your rights, title, and interest in the data contained in Office 365.

When safeguarding your data, we operate under several key principles:

  •  We may not use your data for advertising purposes or for any reason other than supporting you with services that you have paid for.
  •  If you want to change providers, you will be taking your data with you.
  • Privacy controls enable you to configure who has access to and what they can access in your company.
  •  Extensive auditing and monitoring avoid admins from getting inappropriate access to your files.
  •  Customer Lockbox for Office 365 leaves customers with clear power in unusual cases where a Microsoft developer could perhaps need to access customer data to tackle an IT problem.

Strict safeguards and architecture elements preclude your data from mingling with those of other organizations, and our data centre workers will never have unprivileged access to your data which is one of the major cloud concerns. 

The standard establishes a uniform, international approach to protecting privacy for personal data stored in the cloud. It reinforces that:

• You are in control of your data.

• You are aware of what is happening with your data.

• We provide strong security protection for your data.

• Your data will not be used for advertising.

• Microsoft encourages government inquiries to be made directly to you unless legally prohibited and will challenge attempts to prohibit disclosure in court.

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